GOLDENROOM 21 ‘Sports’


Sport may seem an unusual theme for a journal for cross cultural relations. However when we first ran an issue with the theme of Sport, just over one year ago, the content it yielded was fascinating and the response was enthusiastic and positive. Sport plays a seminal role in cross cultural relations, from diplomacy to representation; it can be a catalyst for social and political change as well as a mirror of society’s values and progress.

Echoing that observation, this month our lead story takes a look at the mixed race athletes, and athletes in cross cultural relationships who are not only leading British sports, but are at the vanguard of changing perceptions in our society. You will be a little shocked however at the challenges some of these athletes have faced. Our ICON for this issue, tennis genius, Mansour Bahrami epitomises this trend, even as his unusual life story inspires.

Changing tack for a moment, we leave competition behind and explore the benefits of cooperative games and collaborative activities. We have included some suggestions and resources so our readers can take these ideas to their familes or to their work places.

Amongst our recommendations this month, is the poignant true to life film, Tangiwei; A Love Story, which beautifully tells of the tragic love between Nerissa Love and cricketeer Bob Blair. For lazy summer afternoon listening, we are suggesting the latest album from Norah Jones ( yes, daughter of the late Ravi Shankar, but we think she has a sound all her own). And if you like a lighthearted, humorous read,  ‘ Me, Chi and Bruce Lee…’ will delight even as it informs about the many varieties of martial arts.

We are also very pleased this month to bring you the ‘Anglo- Indian Experience’ as told by Dean Marciny in My Story. And as part of our Inter- Faith Relations section we hear from those who fasted for Ramadan and attended an inter faith Iftar.

For you and yours, we feature a new product that really began making headlines for its use during Ramadan and by vegetarians and vegans alike. You can learn all about Vi- Shape products here at GOLDENROOM, and we also have some handy tips for quick and natural first aid.

We continue our partnerships with Women in Conservation and have a selection of their natural, ethical jewellery for sale in our Ethical Fashion Shop, and this month, we invite you for a sneak peak in our new Ethical Food Shop, where we feature our signature GOLDENROOM Truffle Swirls. Handmade from Fair Trade and Organic ingredients, these elegant heart shaped truffles, delivers the full harmonious delight of dark, milk and white chocolate together. Symbolism intentional and sweet.

A surprisingly large edition of GOLDENROOM this month that will both inform and inspire with the diversity of topics within its theme of Sport.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J. Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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