GOLDENROOM Issue 20 ‘Human Rights’

Human Rights are the foundation of GOLDENROOM; our mission statement states that our aims are to recognise, represent and provide resources for people of dual or multi heritage and people in cross cultural relationships. Their experiences engage a range of human rights, from the freedom to marry to equality, from the right to a private life to autonomy and many more in a diversity of ways.

This month we are joined, entirely by coincidence, by two young Latina women, Jessica Papa-Ordenana and Elizabeth Salaman who share their experience of surviving human rights abuses that are less well known and publicised. Their stories are moving, informative and inspirational.

People in cross cultural relationships oftentimes have unique human rights challenges. We profiled the situation for Same Sex Dual National Couples in America as they struggle for equality in immigration and to keep their families together. Then we moved to the other side of the world, to India ( with reprocussions further afield) to bring you up to date with the extreme challenges facing Inter- caste couples there and the heroic efforts to dismantle the caste system so that all may live with equality.

On a political front, it is our pleasure to bring our readers the long awaited research on cults and terror organisations and the culpability of those individuals when they commit acts of violence.The shocking statistics and expert views are certain to change a few perspectives about terrorists and extremists. This issue was also a timely opportunity to publicise the struggle for justice for the Irish soldiers who fought against Hitler. Time is running out for these unsung heroes of cross cultural relations.

As always, our book, music and film recommendations will bring you and yours enjoyment and intellectual stimulation; you can purchase these easily with our Amazon links. And we are delighted to be the first to bring you news of the latest in cross cultural entertaining: Halal Wine. Also in this issue, we have important health information for travellers.

Most of all, it is our great pleasure to present GOLDENROOM’s new partners, Women For Conservation. Women For Conservation trains rural women in Colombia how to make jewellery from sustainable, natural materials from the rainforest.  This Fair Trade and Wildlife Friendly certified, vibrant and distinctive jewellery collection is now available from our new, GOLDENROOM Ethical Shop, so that you can be part of empowering women and protecting biodiversity, whilst enjoying these beautiful, handmade, artisan creations.

At GOLDENROOM we strive to make human rights more than a concept or aspiration, that materialises in real, pragmatic action, from our pioneering research, to awareness raising, to our Free Human Rights Advice Service and now our Ethical Shop.

This issue, grounded in real research and real lives also aims to make a real difference, so read on, share and don’t forget to shop too.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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