Superior Agar Agar Jelly

Agar Agar jelly is superior for all your sweet and savoury recipes  no matter for whom you are catering. That’s because it is vegan and vegetarian and so can be a part of most religious and ethnic diets. It’s also high in iodine and protein, but the real reason why using Agar Agar is healthy, is because it is a whole, unprocessed, natural food, and when using Agar Agar, you control all the ingredients. So no more excess sugar, or dodgy colouring agents or preservatives.

This month in You At Home, GOLDENROOM tell you everything you need to know about Agar Agar and how to use it, and we even include to great recipes; our Cooling Strawberry Cream Jelly is a hit with the kids, and for something elegant with which to celebrate summer, have a go at our Elderflower and Summer Berry recipe.


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