Mt Story: Khalad Hussain

Not a rebel’s story but a beautiful, multidimensional cross cultural journey this month in GOLDENROOM we are privileged to be able to share both the story and insights of Khalad Hussain. Hussain immigrated from Azad Kashmir, and ultimately Britain, became the land of his hopes and dreams. It became his country, and Hussain expresses and explains these factors with riveting detail, that is invaluable to anyone interested in multicultural Britain.

But Britain also was the location of two of Khalad’s great loves.  Here, he encountered Christianity and a different relationship of Divine Love. Concurrent with this process, he met Linda, a practicing Christian who would eventually become his wife of twenty five years.

Despite the difficulties and challenges they faced together, Hussain, maintains quite resolutely that cross cultural relationships are the future. We couldn’t agree more, of course, but just the same we recommend reading and sharing the whole of Hussain’s inspirational and terribly interesting journey.


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