Issue 19

Our June edition of GOLDENROOM took as its theme, ‘Time’, which to some may seem an odd choice for a theme and provoke some degree of wondering what on earth, with a theme such as this, a journal for cross cultural relations will have as its content?

In fact, ‘Time’ is a deeply cultural issue and phenomenon. Directly, this is evident in the many ways of measuring time in the profusion of calendars and the importance of celebration and commemoration across cultures. But Time is also crucial in how cultures manifest and develop their values and meanings and even more so in how insiders and outsiders interpret these. Many a cultural judgement posits on Time, on how backward and stagnant or modern and progressive a culture is perceived. In a personal way, Time is the thread of many a person’s journey across cultures as the past, present and future intertwine and influence a life.

The most salient evidence of how seminal Time is to culture and cross cultural relations, I am pleased to write, is in the content of this issue of GOLDENROOM. Dr. Robert Seddon returns with an enticing piece about whether or not our perspective and values about our past change over time. Writing about the importance of memory in the context of Northern Ireland, Alasdair McKillip weds contemporary events with a peace imperative. In a similar intellectual vein, we have also re- published the inspiring ‘Time for Change’ article written by young intellectual, Sophie Adams. Taking over our Health, Wellbeing and Wholeness section this month, Ben Acheson has a moving and informative article about how unresolved childhood trauma affects adulthood.

This month in ‘The Scene’, we highlight the new Pakistani television series, ‘Taan’ which explores challenging and often taboo subjects, whilst appealing to traditional minds as well as reflecting desires for liberalisation and dare we say, progress.

When we thought about progress and journeys over time, one woman’s in particular came to mind. This month’s GOLDENROOM Icon is Sandra Laing and we couldn’t be more humbled and moved by her life, which in many respects seems to embody everything about GOLDENROOM and everything we hope that towards which humanity is moving.

Drawing on that theme of common experiences, we took advantage of the timing to explore meaning and celebration of the summer solstice with our article, ‘The Same Sun Shines Over Us All’. And we hope to inspire more than a few readers to share ‘The Iftar Experience’.

No less inspiring are this month’s biographical pieces, where GOLDENROOM welcomes the story of Khalad Hussain, a Muslim who converted to Christianity and has a successful twenty five year cross cultural marriage- more than a few insights and tips in that article! And peacemaker, mediator and author George Payne tells GOLDENROOM how uncovering his family’s secret mixed race heritage led him to reconcile inter generational violence and inspired him to create a plan to reconcile the children of Abraham. Simply inspirational.

We also hope to inspire our readers with some more immediate experiences, so we have taken from our partner Golden Moments the best in Outdoor Activities for You and Yours. Have a look too at our Events section, because there are some fantastic conferences, internships and deals of which to take full advantage.

For this month only our Golden Room Dating Gold Membership is just £24.90. With thousands of singles looking to relate, date and even marry across cultures, if you are single, a richer relationship can be yours.

Make sure you check in with GOLDENROOM next month when we hope to introduce you to our exciting new partnership.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief

Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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