Light A Candle…

The tragic events of the past week in Woolwich, which almost predictably ignited acts of Islamophobic violence elsewhere in the UK, left us at GOLDENROOM struggling and pondering exactly how to respond.

Should we engage in debates about the consequences of foreign policy? or reveal our research about the staggering mental health problems of extremists?

Equally, the tragedy has  spurred renewed interfaith dialogue and commitment to peace activism, even as it threatened to entrench divisions ever further.

Intellectual analysis always seems a superficial, heartess way to respond to a tragedy. But equally, moralising too falls short as it always risks assigning blaming and taking sides.

GOLDENROOM has decided that rather than curse or even analyse the darkness, to instead, light a candle. Only this candle is an aural beacon of light and peace, known as the artist ‘Rajae’

For a soothing weekend of soulful sounds and the antidote to a week of stress and distress, GOLDENROOM recommends the honeyed, hypnotic vocals of artist Rajae, whose songs of love and hope stem from a deep spiritual well.
One of the ‘Muslim 500’, the only Muslim woman to own a record label and exhibiting at ‘Muslima’, Rajae is a transcultural, multifaceted inspiring artist who brings beauty to her every endeavour. She says she is breaking down walls, but her sublime music is so potent as to lift the listener above and beyond divisions and strife.


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