GOLDENROOM Issue 18 ‘Health and Beauty’

At GOLDENROOM, our readers can rely on quality content that informs, enlightens and enriches. Our Health and Beauty edition now live and online at  is unlike any other publication of its kind and conforms to GOLDENROOM’s ideals of integrity and substance. Though a relatively product and resource heavy issue, we are sure you will agree, that even as we bring you news of the latest this is always with a unique and thought provoking cross cultural edge.

In no other Health and Beauty pages are readers likely to be informed about nail lacquer that is healthy and halal, whilst getting the scoop about the most amazing natural hair and skin care products for sensitive skin and Afro-type, curly hair, all available at Black and Brown.

We know our readers are intelligent, so we don’t need to preach even as we present the facts on the controversial issue of Skin Lighteners and Skin Brighteners. And we want to be part of raising awareness and promoting dignity for people afflicted with Vitiligo an illness that strikes at the basis of identity.

GOLDENROOM is delighted again to be sponsoring this month, GIFT Wellness, the revolutionary product that is changing women’s periods and changing lives. As well, in Your Look, Your Style, we bring you a select few Enchanted Rose products, such as handmade jewellery, art and home decor. We are also pleased to sponsor the Urban Dialogue’s Call for Commissions from the Three Faiths Forum.

We couldn’t be more honoured this month to have Paul Anderson-Walsh, former CEO of the Stephen Lawrence Trust tell his moving story of growing up mixed race and an orphan. Anderson- Walsh writes: ‘I was either a White child or a Black child. I was a cut and shut person.’ This is a story that is profound and moving, with widespread implications.

No less inspiring is our first ever My Story, by a young person. Seventeen year old Maria Dyrhold Sarhangian writes these words of advice for people of dual heritage,‘This is who I am and I don’t know how it could be different… Be proud of who you are.’ A very special young woman to be sure.

As is this month’s GOLDENROOM Icon, whom we are sure you will agree is beautiful both inside and out. Miss Russia 2013, Miss Elvira Abdrazakova has a wonderfully dignified response to those who have criticised her dual heritage.

Many of our subscribers are community, charity and third sector organisations, all of whom will want to take notes from our Feature article on the remarkable fitness programme that is transforming a divided community. Sam Dickinson of H24 FitClub makes it look effortless in ‘A Community Gets Healthy’.

Finally, in addition to our free GOLDENROOM Online Dating Service, we have partnered up with Golden Moments, and highlighted a few thoughtfully chosen activities and experiences to start something special or commemorate a happy occasion.

Suffice to say, at GOLDENROOM, Health and Beauty is more than skin deep…

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief

Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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