Cross Cultural Love- The Second Time Around

This is no fairytale.

Lori D. Nolasco’s very personal story is one of a gritty reality of facing up to the truth about oneself in the wake of heartbreak. Which means removing rose coloured spectacles and doing some hard soul searching.

In her case, because she was in a cross cultural marriage, it also meant tearing down the wallpaper that screams, ‘love will conquer all differences.’

No it won’t, or at least not without owning up to some difficult admissions about our own prejudices, agendas and failings.

‘Some women violently reject the husband’s culture, whereas others try to “go native,” and neither is a solution.’  This either- or scenario, adopt or reject may sadly seem typical of people entering a mixed relationship either without the appropriate cultural knowledge, or the appropriate cross cultural skills. And as experienced by Lori, is more importantly, an approach guaranteed to make a cross cultural relationship untenable in the long run.

But in Nolasco’s case, there is cause for optimism, because what her courageous insights about cross cultural relationships do reveal is that love might not conquer all, but love can be redemptive. There is a space for those who have learned their lessons, to find love again and all the joys of a life sharing cultures.

So start your week with a sense of optimism as Nolasco shares her journey to finding cross cultural love the second time around.


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