GOLDENROOM Issue 17 ‘Life’s Events’

With  Spring  (coming soon hopefully) comes planning (and sometimes planting) of important occasions and events, to commemorate and often to celebrate.

But for GOLDENROOM readers planning Life’s Events arouses the foremost question  for people of dual heritage or in cross cultural relationships:  how do they plan, navigate, -and sometime negotiate- as well as commemorate important life events; engagements, weddings, births and raising their children, in a manner that recognises and honours their multi heritage?

Of course, GOLDENROOM has never shied away from difficult subject matters, and equally people of dual heritage or in cross cultural relationships also seek support and advice about commemorating life’s more challenging events: divorce, tragedy, death.

Frequently they have felt a little lost, sometimes forced to make comprosises, eclipsing one aspect of their identity. But equally, they have felt enriched, liberated and emboldened to break new ground and mark their important Life’s Events in ways deeply personal and meaningful.

We are most honoured then in this issue to present the story of Zareen Ahmed. Having experienced a devastating bereavement she chose instead to honour the life of her daughter by turning turning tragedy into positivity. Zareen is such a truly amazing woman that she is even revolutionising menstruation- another of life’s difficult events- and you can read more about that in Your Look, Your Style, where she shares her discovery and creation of GIFT Wellness. We are sure her moving story and inspiring example will stay with your for a long time.

Many of our readers will take heart from our other two personal stories about finding cross cultural love the second time around and raising a bicultural child. Coincidentally,  each of our two authors, Lori D. Nolasco and Vallee Rose are White women immersed in a Hispanic culture. Perhaps because of their knowledge and experience we will soon be coining a new term; ‘White Latina’.

In this issue of GOLDENROOM we have also been very fortunate to be able to share with you, ‘One Family’s Multicultural Coming of Age Celebrations: The Jewish Bar Mitzvah and the Hindu Thread Ceremony’. The Finkel-Talvadkar family might sound exotic but we can assure you their dual commemoration of their son becoming a man, is real.

Our other essential reads this issue feature more direct resources. Annette Kane, Humanist Celebrant introduces us to humanism and how a Humanist Celebrant can help people commemorate life’s important moments in ways that are meaningful and authentic, though not religious. Our GOLDENROOM Guide to Cross Cultural Weddings is well worth keeping hold of as it presents both important facts and valid suggestions for celebrating a cross cultural wedding and life together.

You will notice a subtle change in format. We still have all our recommendations for great reads, CDs and films, just click on the top tabs, ‘Curl Up With A Great…’.  Speaking of celebrating together, our music recommendation this month features, ‘Berakah’ a musical ensemble of Jewish, Muslim and Christian musicians. Heady stuff indeed, as are our recommendations for adding a little something sparkling to whatever your celebration.

Mirroring life, this issue is a rollercoaster; an array of life moments, big and small, joyous and heartbreaking. As we delve into Life’s Events through a cross cultural lens perspectives both diverse and universal emerge from which strength and meaning can be drawn.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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