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After much and many technical challenges, during which some of our readers were unable to access GOLDENROOM, we are very excited to report that the 16th edition of GOLDENROOM Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations, is now live!

At GOLDENROOM we are very excited about this, our ‘Politics’ themed issue, because it always generates cutting edge analytical articles written by our experts. The content is just as exciting as the quality.

Interestingly this month’s contributions may reflect long standing biases that politics is a realm reserved for men. John Nedham returns to deliver a witty but nonetheless serious musing about the real meaning of equality. And we welcome new contributor, Dr. Robert Seddon, who has provided a thoroughly enjoyable piece about who owns culture. Thought provoking and informative expertise from our newcomer. We also republished the in depth analysis on Northern Ireland by veteran contributor Alasdair McKillop, in case you missed this essential article the first time around.

To redress any possibility of male dominance, our two cover stories feature the life and work of two formidable women. The stories of Susan Popoola and Danica Anderson, centre on identity, dislocation, immigration and crucial issues of political and social stabiity and will each have you rapt with attention and awe. GOLDENROOM recommends both of their books this month: ‘Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain’ by Popoola  written with well documented research and optimism; and Anderson’s fascinating, multidimensional publication, ‘Blood and Honey Icons: Bioseminonics and Bioculinary’ which we are sure you will agree is so much more than a book.

To further demonstrate that politics includes women in all roles, and because this is crucial reading, we republished Jinan Al Habbal’s research on sectarian identities in Lebanon. Our inter faith relations section this month also features a woman engaged in vital, and sometimes dangerous defence of the political sphere. Tehmina Kazi, Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy shares with GOLDENROOM her observations on factionalised politics and what her  charity is accomplishing in promoting secular democracy and democratic engagement. The insights in this article are more than a little troubling, but it concludes with grounds for optimism and inspiration.

We are very proud to present GOLDENROOM’s cutting edge research on Honour Based Violence, and we are sure you will be as shocked at the results as we were. People in mixed relationships, in particular intercaste relationships are at a high risk of honour based violence. We hope this knowledge will bring about important changes in atttitudes towards all cross cultural relationships and identities.

Coinciding with the ‘Sledgehammer’ campaign for Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month, our Health, Wholeness and Wellbeing article talks about the unspeakable subject; who is at risk, barriers to diagnosis and treatment including the unusual bias against men  and how to get yourself- or the man in your life- down to the GP.

You wouldn’ t readily think the United Nations was interested in your kitchen, but it is, because it has declared 2013, as the Year of Quinoa! Don’t know what on earth that is? GOLDENROOM is on hand to tell you all, and even share some recipes, in our You At Home piece.

Most of all, we are very excited that at this time, GOLDENROOM is lauching its dating service, which is free to join Join the fastest growing demographic by making a cross cultural connection and sign yourself up for the adventure and enrichment of a cross cultural relationship today, knowing that supporting you all the way are the unique and quality resources at GOLDENROOM.

Cross cultural relations is not just something your read about, it is an experience.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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