Latest Edition: GOLDENROOM Issue 14


Art, like culture really does mean different things to different people. To some it is beauty, to others it is concept. Some find art expressed in music, others painting, still others ceramics and some even find art in their faith.

This month’s issue of GOLDENROOM includes all these elements and more as we explore music, art and crossing cultures.

We begin with Fredrik Holm, musician, composer and therapist for sound awareness, who tells his story, a journey of music and self, with great insight and more than a little humour. Equally enjoyable, for this month’s Inter- faith piece, Oliver Wheatley reflects how York Minster’s chorus shook his atheism.

We interviewed artist and activist Sarah Maple, who is well known for her controversial images. The article really gets at the heart of the influence of her dual heritage but be forewarned, the accompanying images are radical and provocative.

Elisabeth Erwin returns to follow up with a powerful, but poetic analysis about diverse influences in folk music. We guarantee you will be intrigued enough to follow up on her recommended playlist.  And in that musical vein, we have a weighty exploration of ‘Sacred Sounds’ that will surprise you with just how many cultures use sound to express and attain union with the Divine, but how science is backing up this ancient knowledge. More specifically, in What Does My Neighbour Believe? GOLDENROOM looks at Sufism, getting beyond whirling to the heart of its mystery and mystique.

Increasing the intellectual rigour, Estafania de la Torriente Labayan also returns to analyse the effect of budget cuts to cultural services across Europe, whilst making the case for both a fiscal and inherent value of culture.  Thought provoking and timely, to be sure.

We also welcome the return of Jinan Al-Habbal who shares her first personal piece about her cultural journey from Lebanon to Scotland. Delightful, we are sure you will agree, but then so is this month’s You At Home feature, where we share easy but decadent recipes for Chocolate- giving you the edge for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day- or Lupercalia! And be equally delighted by this month’s Your Look Your Style, where Sanskriti Objects d’Art shares their beautiful home décor items from India’s rich artisan heritage.

And to bring more of GOLDENROOM into your life, check out our book, film and music recommendations to experience cross cultural music and art yourself. Enriching, Informative and always Enjoyable. GOLDENROOM.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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