New Discussion Forum

GOLDENROOM is very pleased to announce the latest addition to our resources and services offered to GOLDENROOM readers: the GOLDENROOM Forum.

This group is a closed, private forum for members only. Becoming a member is simple and straightforward and gives you access to a moderated forum where you can discuss all and any issues pertaining to cross cultural relationships and identities, in complete safety and anonymity.

In the GOLDENROOM Forum you can connect with other people of dual heritage or in cross cultural relationships, to share with and learn from people who really understand your experiences.

As well, through the forum you will have access to all of GOLDENROOM’s in- house experts, including our expert in interfaith relationships, our counsellor, our expert in human rights, and our expert in diversity.

You can still comment on all GOLDENROOM journal articles, as well as blog posts, and through all of our social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Xing, Live Journal, Hub Pages, Pin It and ChimeIn. These comments are public.



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