GOLDENROOM Issue 13 is now live at

This month we are delighted to feature our second GOLDENROOM wedding; Christine and Mohamed share their story and their insight into navigating interfaith relationships. For a more pointed piece about cross cultural relations relations we talked to the Christian- Muslim Forum and also the Corrymeela community. As well we uncovered the real St. Nicholas  and visited Titanics in Manchester to bring you great ideas for cross cultural catering- all to help you and yours celebrate this season. Of course ‘Celebrate’ GoldenRoom’s Cross Cultural Calendar is all updated too keeping you in the loop until February.

Don’t miss our complementing pieces about Swirling- this is the new term for cross cultural dating, romance and relationships and we have interviewed author Christelyn D Karazin who coined the term and tells us how to live happily ever after by ‘Swirling’ as well as sharing how her own life led her to write this amazing book, in the second of this month’s My Story.

This month we welcome new contributors Ben Acheson, Elisabeth Erwin and Estafania de la Torriente Labayan. Each has a distinctive style to enjoy; from Acheson’s analytical piece on religious slaughter which we have intriguingly titled, ‘Food Labels’; to the philosophical standpoints of Erwin’s ‘The Humanity of Language’; or de la Toriente Labayan’s highly informative piece about Community Art. And in that intellectual vein learn about deaf culture and the ups and downs of deaf-hearing mixed relationships or reconsider community by immersing yourself in our revealing comparative analysis on ‘Suspect Communities’.

Two great recipes and a selection of book, music and film recommendations, plus our GoldenRoom ICON this month, John Lennon and Yoko Ono; a tribute thirty two years after Lennon’s assasination make this issue an inspiring resource.

Whatever and However you Celebrate this month and with Whomever, on behalf of all of us here at GOLDENROOM  I like to thank all of our readers for their interest, comments and support and wish everyone the Very Best and Brightest of the Season and in the New Year to come.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief

Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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