This issue marks the twelfth publication of GOLDENROOM Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations and so accompanying the traditional editorial welcome is also a thank you. Thank you to all our contributors, both veterans and guests, who shared both their experiences and expertise. Thank you to all the companies, charities and organisations who  told us about their products and services so we could tell our readers. And thank you to all our readers for their comments, their support and their interest.

Reflecting on the past year of publications, interest and readership has grown exponentially. And awareness of cross cultural relations, both personal and professional is reified in the journal, even as it reflects this back to society. Those social trends and indicators, the uniqueness of the cross cultural demographic and the identity and purpose of this publication are fittingly reviewed in this month’s article, ‘Why GoldenRoom?’

Catering to our core demographic, this month in Your Look, Your Style we introduce you to Lavella, a hair salon in the Lake District catering to ‘mixed heritage’ hair. Coinciding with our theme this month of Nature and the Environment, Lavella shares some of their top products, all made with botanicals for naturally beautiful and healthy hair. Click over to MY STORY to see both the inner and outer beauty of mixed race families. Continuing with the subject of natural beauty we have a look at cultural ideals of beauty and reveal the disturbing trends to change one’s ethnicity with cosmetic surgery,

We also have the scoop on ‘The Changing Face of British Farming’ with Lutfi and Ruby of Willowbrook Farms answering the call for sustainable farming, whilst incorporating their values of truly halal food, hence changing farming and food communities and cultures for the better. And this month’s Health article is also all about harmony as we tell you all about, Ayurveda.

Our Inter Faith expert, Marjorie Crombie returns with ‘Interview With a Pagan’, a powerfully revealing article that debunks stereotypes and inspires hope for peaceful inter faith relations. In a similar vein, this month we explore how many different faiths share the use of essential, and ‘Sacred Substances’.

New to this issue is GOLDENROOM’s Cross Cultural Calendar, helping people in cross cultural relationships to see they have so many reasons to celebrate. Our article on harvest festivals will surely prompt some reasons why and ideas on how everyone can be included in the celebrations.

Join us next month for the ‘Community’ issue featuring a global review of the cross cultural demographic, plus insightful articles into the Deaf Community and thought provoking research on Suspect Communities, as well as all our regular features, like film and book reviews, and food and fashion and more.

Thank you for being part of GOLDENROOM.

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations


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