Gayle Cotton: The Importance of Cross Cultural Business Communication

Although she had 3 strikes against her, Gayle Cotton still became a best selling author on Cross Cultural Business Communication. She shares her story and her top tips with on how to succeed in Cross Cultural Business with GOLDENROOM

Turning Scottish

From time to time we like to take a break from our very serious research and analysis at Goldenroom and have a laugh, and most of all to share that lightheartedness with our readers. So, courtesy of Monty Python, it could happen tomorrow….

Because He is White He Must be a Trick

More on our favourite story about the perils of being a Mixed race couples this time from husband, Brian James Lucas

GOLDENROOM ‘Business & Economics’ Issue 32

Nothing demonstrates so beautifully the dynamic changes in business culture for our Business and Economics issue of GOLDENROOM Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations, than our two cover stories this month, Gayle Cotton and Lisa Wong. As two highly accomplished, entrepreneurial business women their achievements speak volumes about the gains made in gender equality and the positive effect this has had on business culture. However we are even more pleased to bring you their stories as Gayle and Lisa, each in her own unique way, has excelled in bringing cross cultural relations expertise to the business world.

Gayle Cotton began her career with the United Nations offering training in Cultural Science. Today she is the best selling author of Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere: 5 Keys To Successful Cross-Cultural Communication, ( a distinguished keynote speaker and President of Circles Of Excellence Inc., which specialises in offering training in Cross Cultural Communication. Gayle has the distinction of being the first American to be accepted as a member of the ‘European Marketing and Sales Experts’, and is a Certified Expert in the ‘Executive Foundation for International Communication’. She is also the Faculty Resource for Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Chief Executives Organization (CEO), and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

An internationally recognized authority for her cross-cultural communication books and intercultural training, Gayle travels worldwide educating, entertaining, and inspiring audiences with her fresh and unique approach.   This month, Gayle Cotton shares with GOLDENROOM her own early experiences in cracking the cultural code and how to succeed in cross cultural business.

Lisa Wong of Dream Designs 2000 ( has also drawn on her cross cultural heritage, not only to succeed in business but to pioneer a new niche market in designing bespoke favours and stationary that represent and celebrate Cross Cultural, Multi Ethnic, and Multi Faith relationships. From invitations, to personalised chocolate bars, to printed candles and place settings, Lisa Wong’s imaginative and beautiful designs will ensure your Mehndi, Shaadi, Bar Mitzvah or charity event is memorable.  We are so thrilled to bring you Dream Designs 2000, a company, a product and a founder who truly resonate with GOLDENROOM. For our GOLDENROOM readers who are of Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh faiths we have an extraordinary opportunity to delight in Lisa Wong’s Dream Designs 2000. Lisa is looking for a family to share their special event with her in order to deepen her cultural knowledge and in return she is offering her services such as wedding favours or stationary. You can contact her

Another fantastic opportunity for GOLDENROOM readers comes in the form of the newly developed inter faith initiative Jewish Muslim Encounters of Lancashire. Bring your skills to the working party and receive a discount on courses from the Woolf Institute which studies how relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims can enhance and contribute to public life.  For more information contact Ali Amla on

Returning to GOLDENROOM this month is cross cultural business consultant, Tim Sullivan from Japan Insight ( Business entertaining is a cornerstone of business relationships but also reflects wider cultural values and customs. Sullivan’s article ‘Glimpses of Culture Through How We Dine (and the Power of Kikubari)’ is essential reading as it draws on Sullivan’s considerable experience in Japanese business to present an authoritative, insightful and entertaining analysis about the impact of how we eat on business relationships.

This issue of GOLDENROOM is rich with examples of the relationship between business and culture. Andrea di Carlo’s analysis on how historical cultural divisions in Europe- between North and South, Protestant and Catholic- are still influencing economics today is fresh food for thought.  As is our book recommendation, John Morrison’s ‘“The Social License: How to Keep Your Organization Legitimate” and our helpful article on Home Working. Is this the solution for your Cross Cultural Life?

Readers will have noticed that last month we introduced a new feature to the website. Our popular Goldenroom Dating (  is now interactive, with the profiles of real people looking to make a cross cultural connection for friendship or romance, right now live on the main site. It’s free to join, so a richer relationship is waiting for you now.

GOLDENROOM is now approaching three years of recognising and representing Cross Cultural relations. Our GOLDENROOOM website is visited by over 3000 each month and our social media profile is fast approaching 1 million, establishing GOLDENROOM as the comprehensive organization with a cohesive publication projecting cross cultural relations onto a dynamic, thought-provoking and popular media platform.

You can reach this niche market with exponential potential by advertising in our monthly journal, GOLDENROOM Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations. Our advertisers include businesses, but also charity and governmental organisations.  We are also here to assist your needs to recruit personnel, research participants or advertise an Event.

From our topical content and inspiring stories, to our networks and resources,  I am sure you will agree, GOLDENROOM is the place for Cross Cultural business today.

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The Only Reason a Black Woman Would Kiss a White Man

Actress Daniele Watts and husband Brian James Lucas are arrested on prostitution charges revealing that pervasive racial prejudices doubly discriminates against those in Mixed relationships or of Mixed heritage.

Heads That Roll

Reforms in the Italian Senate, Reforms to The House of Lords in Britain. But will reforms to the Upper House in either country ensure a better democracy? Andrea di Carlo writing for Goldenroom has the comparative political analysis and he is pulling no punches:

‘Readers may contend that I am being too pessimistic and may read my article with scepticism. However, should these bills come into effect in Italy, this doom-and-gloom representation may turn into a nightmare, putting a stop to democracy and ultimately paving the way for a country led by criminals and former convicts.’

Searching For Secret Love

Do you have a secret love?


Are you planning a cross cultural wedding?

Then Chalkboard TV wants to hear from you for their new documentary about Cross Cultural Love